Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Energy rebate Q&A

Q. Who gets the rebate?
A. Any man, woman or child receiving an Alaska Permanent Fund dividend this fall will find an extra $1,200 in their check.

Q. How much are dividends expected to be?
A. More than $2,000. Which means checks should be $3,200-plus.

Q. When will I get the money?
A. The first, “early bird” round of bank deposits are scheduled for Oct. 2, with paper checks hitting the mail Nov. 14. State officials are considering moving up that schedule, but there hasn’t been official word yet of whether they’ll be able to.

Q. Are the energy rebates subject to federal income taxes?
A. Yes, even for children, just like dividends are.

Q. Is it too late to apply for the PFD and/or the energy rebate?
A. For most people, yes. The deadline to file for the PFD was March 31. However, a limited amount of disabled veterans are able to apply separately for the resource rebate. Check with the state Permanent Fund Dividend Division for more information.

Q. But what if …
A. No. Contact the Permanent Fund Dividend Division if you think your application was rejected in error or you are truly a special case. Good luck, but chances are they’ve already heard, and rejected, your story.

Q. How do I know if my PFD application was approved?
A. You can also check on the Internet at Click on the Check Application Status Link. You also may contact the Permanent Fund Dividend Division by e-mail at, or by phone at 800-733-8813. Be patient, you’re not the only one looking for reassurance your check will be in the mail.

Q. Will the extra income affect eligibility for food stamps, Denali KidCare, or other public assistance programs?
A. No. According to Carolyn Spalding, program officer with the Division of Public Assistance, the rebates are being dealt with the same way as dividends, and PFD checks don’t make you ineligible for public assistance programs.

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